Some general Pegasus ERP™ features include:

  • Utilizes the most popular enterprise database (Microsoft SQL Server) – a true “client-server” design, 100% open, the basis for most web-enabled systems.
  • Allows end-users full access to data, through third-party programs using ODBC, OLE DB tools and standards.
  • Provides robust role-based access control security that integrates with Active Directory.
  • 100% Windows-based system means legacy free system standardized on the world’s most popular operating system.
  • Web-based interface means the system can be accessed from a wide array of devices and platforms.
  • Proper handling of all Canadian taxes (GST, PST, HST)
  • Preview, print, e-mail or fax reports
  • Accommodates up to 5 foreign currencies
  • Full real-time integrated web-store links your website with your in-house ERP system.
  • Robust validation adds value to your data by reducing sloppy data entry (province fields contain province information, email fields contain email addresses, etc)


Successful quotations generate orders. The Pegasus ERP Quotations Module helps you prepare and manage your quotes:

  • Generate professional custom quotations on company letterhead, using your own introduction and closing paragraphs.
  • Manage quotes by allowing inquiries and tracking expiry dates for follow-up.
  • Automatically transform quotes into Order Entry when your quote becomes an order.
  • Allows you to add notes to the quote for information purposes.

Sales Analysis

Most organizations use sales analysis information when making key business decisions.  Pegasus ERP allows real-time reporting on all areas of the system thus keeping vital, up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips.  Other reporting features include:

  • Maintain historical data for as long as you like (we recommend keeping perpetual history).
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office for custom reporting, labeling or further analysis with Microsoft Excel.
  • Provides heads-up display reporting that can be integrated directly into your Windows 7 or Windows 8 desktop.
  • Mobile reporting means keeping an eye on your business while away from the office via your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android or BlackBerry device.

Order Entry & Invoicing

The Pegasus ERP Order Entry & Invoicing Modules handle all of your order entry, invoicing and tracking needs, including:

  • Intuitive “Order Calendar” to easily see which orders can be shipped and which orders need to wait for more inventory
  • Order “Fill Rate” shown by both dollar amount and SKU count
  • Easily see which outstanding Purchase Orders are required to fill an order
  • Quickly and easily enter orders, returns, invoices and credit notes.
  • Create orders organically using a “shopping cart” style product finder enabling your inside sales staff to help customers find suitable product.
  • Tracks all transaction details, modifications, etc.
  • Integrates fully with Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable modules keeping the entire system up-to-date in real-time
  • Integrates with 3rd party shipping software (eg. CanShip) for Internet shipment tracking
  • All printed forms can be barcoded for easy retrieval
  • Create standing orders and recurring orders
  • End-of-day reports allow for easy cash balancing