Pegasus ERP™ represents the culmination of over 25 years of software development.  The precursor to Pegasus ERP was a text-based “green screen” ERP which ran on a line of minicomputers built by a company called Alpha Microsystems.

In the mid 1990’s Pegasus ERP was written to replace the aging text-based system.  Although the old system was antiquated it was stable and reliable.  In short it “just worked”.  It was important for Pegasus ERP to carry forward that robust reliability and simplicity.  To realize this objective Pegasus ERP was built with a strong emphasis on architectural correctness and coding discipline. The architecture of Pegasus ERP was designed to be completely free of any legacy constructs. Concepts that worked well in the old text-based ERP were carried forward while obsolete paradigms were eliminated.

From the outset Pegasus ERP was developed from the ground up to be a fully web-based application.  At the time many existing ERP systems were still struggling to migrate from DOS to Windows while others were offering limited web-based functionality – often as an afterthought.  Pegasus ERP was written for the web fist, as a modern fully web-based application. It pressed the limits of the mid-to-late 1990’s in terms of what could be done in a browser.  At PF Software Services we have been building web-apps before it was cool.

Since that initial version development has been ongoing.  Today Pegasus ERP is a robust and mature web-based application sporting a rich AJAX interface.

Pegasus ERP is an n-tiered application built using Microsoft’s .NET framework and using a powerful Microsoft SQL Server back-end database.  Mobile modules are written for Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

At PF Software Services we believe that better software translates into a better user experience which means greater productivity that ultimately improves your bottom line.