Pegasus ERP™ is designed for fast-moving business like yours. It packs a rich feature set that rivals those of large enterprise grade packages yet is significantly easier to use. Pegasus ERP is a modern, legacy-free solution that optimizes workflow, reduces administration and maximizes profitability. Users love Pegasus ERP because it takes the tedium out of time-consuming repetitive tasks. Management loves it because it allows staff to do more in less time and with fewer errors. Drive your business forward with Pegasus ERP.

Here are just a few areas where we can help you drive down costs significantly:

Order Taking

  • Integrated and intuitive product search means your sales staff can quickly and easily find suitable items from any screen within the system.
  • Context sensitive navigation means your sales staff see the information they expect without repeatedly looking it up.
  • Web-based interface is intuitive and requires little training.

Remote Order Taking

  • Salespersons in the field, on-site or on the trade-show floor can generate printed order confirmations on the spot for improved customer confidence.
  • Real-time inventory availability means maximizing buyer’s PO because your sales people don’t waste time ordering items that you can’t ship.
  • No need for inside staff to re-key orders taken “on the road”.

Order Fulfillment

  • Improved accuracy via wireless order picking.
  • Reduce sneaker traffic by directing picker along most efficient route.
  • Real-time visibility of picking progress. Capture and track picker performance.

Discover the many benefits Pegasus ERP has to offer you growing business and call us to get started today!