Salesforce automation

Do you still have sales reps writing orders in the field on order pads?  Does your office staff spend time keying in hand-written orders?  If so FASTo™ is the solution for you.  FASTo is the ultimate in salesforce automation.  Empower your sales team with up-to-the-minute inventory, pricing and account status information.

Your sales team will love it because it means maximizing the customer’s budget by placing orders for product that is in-stock.  No more short-shipped orders because availability is verified on the spot.  Features such as the “find similar items” and “this item in other colors” make finding alternatives to sold-out items easy.

Your customers will love it because they can place their order with confidence knowing that what they ordered is what will be shipped.  Because FASTo is integrated with the rest of the Pegasus ERP system customers can review their order online shortly after placing it.  Instead of leaving the customer with a carbon copy of a hand-written form why not leave them a professional printed order confirmation?  Inspire customer confidence and create customer loyalty with FASTo.

FASTo allows orders to flow from your font line sales team to your office and out your back door with as little unnecessary handling as possible.  With FASTo you raise the bar on professionalism, reduce errors, eliminate unnecessary data-entry and inspire customer confidence.

Internet down at the office?  No problem!  Never lose an order again by using our geographically redundant synchronization servers.